Fredrika interned at SVFP for five months as part of her student placement through Umeå University in Sweden. She is currently studying her social work degree there.

How did you help our parents and children?

I helped SVFP’s parents and children by creating a safe and warm environment for them to feel welcome in. I helped out in creche looking after the little ones while parents attended classes or programmes. I spent time being creative with the kids and doing different arts and crafts or simple activities as well as being a supportive and helping hand for the parents.

How has it helped you since you left SVFP?

Working at SVFP has helped me get a deeper insight in what it’s like working at a charity and what it’s like working with people who’s dealing with different types of crises. It has also helped me understand a different type of social work and how the system works in London.

What did you enjoy most about your experience being an intern at SVFP?

What I loved most about my experience was getting to know the amazing staff, interns, volunteers and lovely families and children. And also, creating what I hope to be lifelong friendships. I enjoyed every single day of my placement and felt appreciated in all the work I did.

How long was your internship and what were the hours like?

My internship lasted for five months. I spent Monday-Friday 9:30-15:00 or 16:00, dependant on the day, at the project.

Interested in volunteering or interning at SVFP?

Contact: [email protected]

Tel: 020-7654-5353