Jewel has attended our parenting course available to families in the area. She has two young children and was referred to us by a Health Visitor for a parenting course as she was feeling stressed, tired and unable to control her children. We identified with Jewel that the techniques she used were inconsistent, often in anger and that there was a lot of hostility and shouting at home. Jewel was very committed to attending the course and to practising what she learned, at home.

I’m a lot calmer now. I try to stand back when things bother me, I try to discuss it later when I am thinking more rationally.

As a result of attending the course:

  • Jewel’s confidence in using most of the techniques covered grew and her children were very responsive to praise, house rules, and relationship building
  • There was a lot less shouting and tears at home
  • Arguments and difficult situations were more easily prevented, and if needed other useful techniques could be brought into play
  • The children became calmer and happier and Jewel herself was more reflective, more confident and less stressed.

Other parents in a similar position to Jewel have also expressed their gratitude with the parenting programmes that they have attended at St. Vincent's Family Project as it has helped build their confidence and happiness. As the programmes aims to improve the connection between parent and child through building an understanding of the child's needs. 

For more information, please view our Parenting Courses page.