Adam began working with an Art Therapist at SVFP after angry outbursts climaxed with an incident at his nursery school  where he injured another child, to the extent that the child needed medical attention. He struggled with anger issues and this meant that as a consequence the other children were scared of him.

This caused him to become isolated, which aggravated the presenting issues. Adam reported that he found the Art Therapy sessions calming and fun. He used them to explore his preoccupations in a safe environment and was able to develop a meaningful therapeutic relationship with his Art Therapist who supported him to make connections between his feelings, experiences and behaviour.

I'm all calm now. If I didn't have Art Therapy I would have kept getting angry'

When asked whether he liked his sessions, he replied 'I loved it'. After attending many Art Therapy sessions, he has made enough progress that he is able to cope at school, now that the therapy sessions have ended. Adam explained that coming to Art Therapy has helped him as 'I'm all calm now. If I didn't have Art Therapy I would have kept getting angry'.

His mother explained that '[Art Therapy]' gave my child more confidence to express his feelings outside of a family atmosphere'. She said that she noticed the 'changes in frustration' and that he has learnt to have much more patience and has improved his social integration skills. She added that 'things were more defined once my child was understood and his special needs were dealt with, his [angry] behaviour decreased.' She also noted that the child's attendance at therapy sessions supported her a lot.

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