SVFP and our interviewed participants were invited to Florence, Italy this Spring for the You2TellEU conference. 

SVFP are advocates of the socio-political aims of the European Union – to tackle social needs and social integration. This is becoming an ever- increasing problem through the way in which immigration issues are narrated and portrayed in the media. Many SVFP users & staff have a migration history.The You2TellEU project is about the shared history of EU citizens, and their experiences of EU integration. This particular project focused on the memories of migrants who moved from the East to West since the late eighties. Their memories are all unique and it was fascinating to hear them. Understanding how the project evolved in other countries such as Portugal and Italy was also important.

As Elena Conti from ANCI Toscana stated, “Our EU is based on liberty, democracy and participation"

Many first-generation immigrants who were interviewed internationally thought they had ‘nothing to talk about’ ; however, once second-generation immigrants asked them questions in their native languages, it turned out that these interviewees had a lot of fascinating things to say on many topics. This is how the You2TellEU project evolved and developed important archives about how EU memories of integration have been shaped. On 9th March 2018 we were part of a live streaming of our European Citizenship conference. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our partners for participating in Portugal and Italy simultaneously about the subject of immigration history!

Our YOU2TellEU report

Our You2TellEU has opened our eyes to how important discussing migrant history is to our diverse community. This Final Report details transparently the events that we took part in alongside our partners!

To read this please click this link: info_template_en-1.doc