Boot Camp for Parents 

What we do:

Some parents find it hard to keep up with regular everyday activities like going to the gym. So, here at SVFP we offer a bootcamp that allows you to not miss out on your gains. Also, your children will not be able to out run you, because you've been keeping fit!
The workouts consist of:

  • A warm up
  • A series of body weight exercises to work our leg muscles, gluteal area, arm muscles and abdominal muscles,
  • Followed by a cool down and stretch.

These are all done to a series of up beat and fun tunes to get the class jumping. You won't even realised you spent the last hour and a half exercising. 

When and where it is held:

It "runs" every Friday morning (excluding term times) at Methodist Central Hall. To accommodate cultural and personal needs, we have secured a private room. This allows people to feel comfortable and more confident whilst working out (i.e able to remove hijabs/burkas, or just not to feel the pressures of being observed by the public).
Hot to take part:

For further information or wanting to sign up, please send us an email to [email protected]