Me and my daughter love this place!! I can't imagine my life without it now. My daughter cannot wait to get there everyday!

Our crèche

Parents can leave their children (up to 4 years old) in a safe environment while they attend development courses or support groups or just enjoy some space.  Children meet others their own age and learn to make new friends as well as enjoying a range of creative activities in the care of qualified and experienced staff.  Staff can also offer guidance on child development and behaviour management.

When are they held?

Crèche is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 am-12.00pm

How to register?

These sessions are provided for those who need it most in the area and the limited number of places are allocated by staff. Children who attend our drop in sessions can then be considered for crèche places.  

You can contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7654 5353.