Dad's Space

What is it?

We created Dad’s Space, as a chance to provide fathers with the opportunity to come and spend some quality time with their children but also to make new friends and share their own experience with other dads.

It is our aim in fact to provide fathers with an environment they can consider safe and non-judgemental, where they do not feel restricted and they are able to express their opinions and feelings between each other. But most importantly they should feel comfortable in using our space to not only come and have fun with the children, but also to feel more included in our family picture and activities.

What do we do?

We mainly stay indoors and have specific activities they can do together with their children is generally prepared for the day (from building blocks to decorate shopping bags), sessions are also even more enjoyable when they are free and spontaneous.

But if the weather is good, we will bring the families outside in the park. Any reason to enjoy the sun and your child's company! 

Also, we provide breakfast or snacks for everyone.

When is it?

We have Dad's Space on Saturday mornings, 10.00 am till 2.00pm (except during half term weeks and national holidays).

How to take part:

For further information or wanting to sign up, please send us an email to [email protected] or call 020 7654 5352