Jasmine is one of our interns at St Vincent’s Family Project. She is in her final year as an MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy student. Every volunteer has an integral role to play and therefore, we have taken Jasmine aside to interview her about her time at SVFP…

Hi Jasmine, what do you do at SVFP?

I offer one-to-one sessions with parents, providing a safe space for them to express themselves and their emotions through verbal and non-verbal expressions. It is not about teaching people how to dance or move, it is more about listening to your body and using movement as a form of communication.

How can it help our parents and children?

There are three important ways that dance and movement therapy helps parents and children. It can help to understand our feelings and behaviour, it can increase our self-awareness and self-esteem and finally, it can aid self-confidence.

How can it help you?

It is part of a learning process with my own abilities and the experience with working with a variety of people in different contexts.

What do you enjoy most about your experience interning at SVFP?

There’s nothing like being surrounded by kindness and doing something that is so emotionally rewarding.

How long is your internship?

9 months.

What are your plans for the future?

To work with more people and keep furthering my learning experience.

Interested in volunteering or interning at SVFP?

Contact: [email protected]

Tel: 020-7654-5353