Shockingly, the Borough of Westminster has the UK's sixth highest rate of children living in poverty...1

At St. Vincent's Family Project we address the issues of parenting, child welfare and social exclusion by providing services for parents and children who are experiencing difficulties and the wider effects of poverty in Westminster. 

We offer services without charge, that are open to everyone and are targeted within their focus: that of building stronger and more resilient families, improving the mental health of children and providing volunteer opportunities for those wanting to serve others in need. 

Our project is essential for many families who live locally. The families who access our services report many different problems. We provide a diverse range of services including drop-in and crèche and offering support with children's behaviour, relationship difficulties, mental health issues, isolation and domestic violence to name a few areas. With a focus on parenting courses, no other establishment in the area provides all these services together.

Our mission statement

St. Vincent's Family Project aims to resource young families in Westminster especially where there are difficulties. 

  • The Project addresses the issue of parenting, child welfare and social exclusion by providing services for parents and children.
  • SVFP works primarily amongst vulnerable families who are experiencing deprivation and the wider effects of poverty. 
  • It aims to offer an experience of community which inspires, supports and enables positive change in the lives of its service users.

Our values-based Christian ethos

We are a registered Christian, Vincentian Charity that has been supporting young families and children in central London since 1976. With the help of our Vincentian values, we aim to offer this experience of community. This enables positive change in the lives of our service users. These values are drawn from the Christian principles and values inherited from St.Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, which we strive daily at the Project. Our charity is part of The Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul Services in Great Britain, for more information about our partner charities please click here.

What we do

At present, there are several aspects to our project. All facilities aim to give priority to those who are most in need. St. Vincent's Family Project offers the following services: Family Space, which is a service for young families and aims to support the whole family. Therapies and courses including parenting courses, creative art therapies, healthy living courses, 1 to 1 support opportunities, and support groups. 

This report, Poverty in your area 2018 | Improving the lives of children and families, was written by the End Child Poverty Organisation in January 2018. Households are living in poverty if their household income (adjusted to account for household size,) is less than 60% of the average. All poverty rates are calculated on an after housing costs basis.