Our story

There is an old African adage that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.

In modern Central London with its’ diverse communities and all the pressures on young families, it could not be further away from that idea of a village raising a child. At SVFP we do provide a small community for young families to come to from 0-5 during the day to play, relax, have fun and get help and support with parenting and all the pressures they face – housing, money, relationships, health and other pressures.

We believe that early help to families will reduce or prevent the many potential crisis families and children can face through school and adolescence. In Westminster, where work there are plenty of these, for example 4.9% of young people in Westminster schools have a social behavioural or mental health problem compared with 2.27% nationally1. Families using our programmes and support become more resilient, by being less isolated, feeling happier, more confident as parents, manage family conflicts better and get early support or children before they get to school.

Our Health, Our Wellbeing: young people growing up in Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster – 2019

What we do

At present, there are several aspects to our project. All facilities aim to give priority to those who are most in need. St. Vincent's Family Project offers the following services:

  • Family Space, which is a service for young families and aims to support the whole family
  • Therapies and courses including creative art therapies, 1 to 1 support opportunities, support groups, parenting courses and healthy living courses