St. Vincent's Family Project mainly focuses on the southern part of Westminster, which consists of these wards:

  • St James's
  • Vincent Square
  • Warwick 
  • Tatchbrook
  • Churchill Gardens 

The families who live in these wards in particular, experience child poverty, stark inequality and housing pressures, which all contributes to a tougher family environment. 

Westminster is a borough of stark inequality

Westminster has the third highest rates of mean income as a proportion of median income of 170%. However, due to this high proportion, there are higher levels of income inequality in this borough. This results in alarming rates of child poverty. According to End child poverty report, there are 23,217 children in poverty in Westminster (46.2%) in 2017/18. There has been a 45% increase since 2016/17. We want to help those who are living in these conditions, so they know that they are not alone. Providing essential services for them will improve their and their children’s lifestyle.

Child Poverty in London

This report, Child Poverty London Facts, was written by Child Poverty action group. Households are living in poverty if their household income (adjusted to account for household size,) is less than 60% of the average. All poverty rates are calculated on an after housing costs basis.