Creative Arts Therapy

Why is creative arts therapy so important?

Creative Arts Therapy improves the mental health of children and uses art, drama, music, dance and movement to obtain positive therapeutic outcomes.

Both Art and Drama Therapy are forms of psychotherapy. They use the natural imagination and creativity of children to explore and work with feelings or issues that may be difficult to approach directly. The creative process utilises the power of symbol and metaphor to aid communication and reflection. This can support children to understand themselves better, decrease difficulties and develop an improved state of adjustment to their lives.

Using creative therapies enables us to meet children at the right developmental level and to find optimal ways to work with them. For some children this might be through some quite direct work around a particular issue, but for children with more complex needs we can work with the issues in a more indirect way, which can make it feel safer to address their preoccupations and difficulties. Through play or art making children can communicate much more than they might be able to say in words.

We work with a wide range of needs. Some children are dealing with a specific event which is stopping them from being able to engage at school. Often they have complex histories. We are experienced in working with domestic violence, parental mental health issues or addiction, family break down as well as issues of neglect or abuse. Using creative therapies means we can adapt to the needs of the child and find a language that they are able to access, whether that be early non-verbal play, mature thoughtful conversation, or anywhere in between.

Who do we offer it to?

We currently offer our creative arts therapy to children between the ages of 4 and 13 years.  We accept referrals from local schools, children's services,  other agencies working with children and families. When funds allow, it can be possible for parents to refer directly.

Please contact [email protected] 

Alternative therapies

We offer alternative therapies such as craniosacral therapy, parent and baby massages at the centre to improve the lives of those at the charity. These gentle massages are aimed to relax tired and stressed parents or 'parents to be' who need help and can help to improve a wide range of symptoms. To understand one of the therapies we offer, our craniosacral therapist Florence kindly took the time out to describe her services at our charity here

When are they held? 

Our alternative therapies are offered on different days of the week. Please see our monthly programme, contact us on 020 7654 5352 or [email protected] or talk to a member of staff at the project.