Here at St. Vincent's Family Project we aim to target the most vulnerable and excluded in society. Through measuring our impact on our service users we are able to deliver effective services. The three aspects of our charity provide a beneficial support system that is much needed in our community.

Our Services

At Family Space, we see isolated single parents, people with no family support, families struggling with poverty, mental health and living with the repercussions of domestic abuse or forced migration. Family Space provides support services, parenting programmes and creche support for children under 5. Through Creative Arts Therapy, we help schoolchildren aged 4-13 who are struggling with emotional difficulties, which are getting in the way of their homelife, schooling and friendships. On top of this, through Volunteer Space we are able to offer local residents and student volunteers greatly needed work experience and placements for their therapeutic and social work courses.

Family Space

In the last year we have helped:

  • 136 Families from 46 different ethnic backgrounds in Family Space
  • 64 children had 330 hours of nominal cost creche provision
  • Our popular parenting training courses had a 93% retention rate

In September-October 2017 we measured a proportion of our families current vulnerabilities which were:

  • 72% had felt isolated
  • 1/4 had mental health issues
  • 77% had parenting needs

Creative Arts Therapy

In the last year, we held:

  • 384 Creative Arts Therapy sessions (both one to one and group) helping children face troubling emotions
  • 28 Children from the Westminster area had Art Therapy and Drama-therapy sessions
  • 13 families had individual Dance and Movement Therapy and Family Therapy

To understand the personal impact we have on our families and children, please visit our Personal Stories section which describes how both Family Space and Creative Arts Therapy have helped individuals who have used our services. 


In the last year we have benefitted from:

  • 4,555 hours of time volunteered to the charity
  • 44 volunteers in total 
  • Volunteers have been given the opportunity to have direct face-to-face work with our client families and supported our fundraising, marketing, administration and events

To understand the personal impact we have on our volunteers and interns, please visit our Volunteer and Intern Stories section, where they describe their role at the charity and how it benefitted their personal development.

Your help

We are not able to achieve any of these results without your help